You got a little taste of Victor “Vic” Ayad in the last episode, but now you’re really in for it…

Vic is actually Austin’s Great Gatsby (according to us).

You’ve heard of and seen Castle Hill and the Hope Outdoor Gallery (aka The Graffiti Park), but you didn’t know that Vic Ayad owns both of them. That’s right – The Hope Outdoor Gallery is NOT a public park. It is owned by one of the most unique Austinites in the city, who just so happens to allow you to paint all over his property. Does he sometimes stand atop the castle and shoot the gallery below with paintball guns? We can’t prove it, but… actually, yeah we can RIGHT HERE

Special guest Red Wassenich (the coiner of “Keep Austin Weird) from Episode 1 also chimes in on this episode, along with the great Chris Layton featured on Episode 3.

Vic’s company page:

Chris on Wikipedia:

Red’s “Keep Austin Weird” website:

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