Holy. Freakin. Eff. You guys. You may not know the names of the two dudes we chat with on this, our third episode, but you know what they’re about.

Vic Ayad and Chris Layton have been best friends in Austin since the 70s when Chris was playing drums for STEVIE FUCKING RAY VAUGHAN. He played those drums with him for over a decade all the way up until Stevie’s passing. He talks about the early days of playing music in Austin, his chance encounter with Stevie (some details he learned less than 2 years ago), and the fateful meeting of Stevie Ray Vaughan and David Bowie, which resulted in their collaboration on Bowie’s best-selling album, “Let’s Dance.”

P.s. Get excited, because the next episode is all about Vic, Austin’s Great Gatsby. He might be one of the most interesting, eccentric (in the best way), and charismatic super-rich Austinites ever.

Chris on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Layton

Vic’s company page: http://www.castlehillco.com/

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