ATX Art’s Dream Team. Lisa Orr (left) and Wanda Montemayor (right).

We made more than one – it wasn’t just a fluke! Actually, I think we’re getting a little better at this podcasting thing.

On this episode, we sit down with a couple of kickass women: Wanda Montemayor and Lisa Orr. They made the massive, beautiful mural at Deep Eddy Pool possible through the Deep Eddy Mural Project. We bring you a little bit of Deep Eddy history, talk about the 5-year process of creating the mural, and even find out a little bit about Austin’s most-hated work of “art.” Spoiler alert – you see it everytime you drive on Lamar through downtown.

P.s. You actually won’t believe who we talk to on episodes 3 and 4, and especially what we did right after the interview… Seriously. Castle Hill, paintball guns, and The Graffiti Wall… It was the best day ever.

Here’s Wanda’s site:

Here’s Lisa’s site:

2 thoughts to “Episode 2 | The biggest mural in ATX you’ve never seen.

  • Wanda Montemayor

    Awesome job!!! Love it

    • pmackie90

      Yeeeuuhh!! So glad that you, more than anyone (except Lisa, same level as Lisa), love this episode. =)


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