The (real) premiere of Little-Known ATX and the first full podcast episode Howling Media has ever produced! The beginning of… an undetermined something…

We got ridiculously lucky here because our guest, Mr. Red Wassenich, had no reason to want to talk with us nobody kids, but he did it anyway. Red’s credited with coining the infamous motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” This phrase is obviously notorious, but its whereabouts… not so much. “KAW” is 17 this year, and its journey into adulthood is quite the story involving local favorite establishments like Waterloo Records and Book People as well as anti-local former behemoth Borders Books and Music. Press play and hear about KAW’s coming-of-age shenanigans.

Thanks so much to Nau’s Enfield Drug for letting us commandeer a corner of their store to have our interview. What a setting to get some legit background sounds.

P.s. As I said, this was the first full podcast episode any of us had ever produced, so you gotta check out #2 when you’re done to see how quickly we (think we) improved.

Red’s “Keep Austin Weird” website:

Get Red’s book at Book People:

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