Welcome to Little-Known ATX | The Austin Podcast! LKATX is a podcast about all things Austin – stuff you probably know a little about or maybe haven’t heard of at all.

Whether it’s completely novel or just something long overlooked, it’s fair game for Little-Known ATX. New events, funky establishments, half-insane inhabitants, obscure activities, perplexing history, etc… it’s all welcome.

Hear from people like Red Wassenich, who coined the term, “Keep Austin Weird,” Chris Layton who played drums for Stevie Ray Vaughan for over a decade, and the King of Castle Hill and owner of The Graffiti Wall, Victor “Vic” Ayad.

2 thoughts to “Episode 000 | Welcome to LKATX

  • Borracho

    Great pre-amble y’all. Even with your pretty NPR like high pitch oscillating voice. The topics and your candidness were intriguing and I’m genuinely not only saying that as a friend. Hope to see y’all on that noteworthy list too! I do also think the song has the perfect vibe.

    • pmackie90



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